Gas Log Sets For Your Fireplace

Gas Log Sets For Your Fireplace

If you are thinking of redesigning your current fireplace, building a new one, or a retrofit, incorporating a gas log set may be your answer. Gas log sets have become increasingly popular among homeowners in the Louisville area.

Resembling an authentic wood-burning fireplace, they are beautiful and provide you with the warmth and romance of a conventional fire, without the mess and hassle.

Gas Log Sets For Your Fireplace: What Is A Gas Log Set?

A gas log set mimics the appearance of a realistic, wood-burning fire. They are typically made of durable, flame-resistant ceramic or refractory cement.

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Manufacturers use actual wood molds to create these logs, then paint them to create an even more realistic look. Different styles are available, from traditional to sleek and modern. Gas logs even have knots, grain, and bark patterns that look just like real wood.

But wait – there’s more!

Most gas log units include realistic embers that line the bottom of the fireplace, made with a fire-resistant substance so you get to experience the red embers and dancing orange flames we all love!

How Do Gas Log Sets Work?

Gas logs are connected to a gas supply by either natural gas or propane, which fuels the flames and creates a realistic and cozy, fire-like effect.

Pro Tip: If you’re considering a gas log set, call us first for a free consultation and expert guidance to help you choose the right type for your home.

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Igniting your gas log fireplace will depend on the type of control you choose. Some use a knob, switch, or a remote-control system. Although not as common, there is an option to ignite the fire manually, with a match or lighter by using a valve key.

When you work with us, we will design an ignition set up that is suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

Gas Log Sets For Your Fireplace: Vented Or Ventless?

Vented gas logs must be vented through a functional chimney so all burning by-products will move outside the home.

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Considered mostly decorative, they produce the most realistic flames but put off less heat than their vent-free cousin. This is because the chimney flue is open when the fireplace is in use.

Ventless gas logs do not require any special venting, only an approved firebox.

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As a result, these units can be used in an existing fireplace with the chimney flue closed, or with no chimney at all. Ventless gas logs are a good option for heating because all heat returns into the room vs. being lost through the chimney.

A Note About Safety

To ensure safety, many of today’s models include built-in carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen detection sensors that monitor air quality in the room. If the oxygen drops to an unhealthy low, the oxygen detector will shut off the fireplace automatically. Likewise, if the carbon monoxide detector senses gas, it will automatically shut off the fireplace.

Inspection And Certification

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends at least one cleaning a year by a certified specialist.

A recent customer shares their experience with our company: “Very pleased with the service I received.  The business was responsive and the technician was prompt, polite, and professional.  Everything was explained in detail and my gas fireplace is working great!  Very reasonable prices.  Highly recommend!”

–Sara B.

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Each of our technicians is 100% certified by the CSIA. When you work with us, you’ll receive 5-star service and peace of mind your installation is completed accurately, safely, and efficiently.

Gas Log Sets For Your Fireplace: Introducing The Grand Canyon Gas Logs Lava Burner

This Fall we are introducing a revolutionary, ultra-realistic gas log design.

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The Lava burner series by Grand Canyon Gas Logs comes in a variety of sizes and uses GlowFire™ log technology to allow for increased efficiency while creating a more robust flame effect. Contact us. 502-488-9999

Watch the video.

The ceramic refractory logs radiate more heat than traditional gas log sets which is good news for those looking for more warmth.

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